Our Mission

MyHealthierBrain is committed to reducing the incidence of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias through proactive prevention strategies and early detection

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Intuitive App, Easy To Use

We strive to make our user experience simple and straightforward
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Science-Based Approach

We only use studies that are accepted by the medical community
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We strive to enlighten our users about the profound influence that their lifestyle choices have on their cognitive health.
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Progress Tracking

Our platform facilitates the monitoring of progress towards lifestyle goals, fostering a sense of achievement and motivation.
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Early Detection

We incorporate integrated cognitive tests to facilitate early detection, increasing the chances for successful intervention.
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Support System Access

We offer access for loved ones or healthcare professionals to encourage and reinforce lifestyle goals and efforts.
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Customized Programs

Through our premium coaching service, we provide tailored programs designed to meet individual health and lifestyle needs.
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Communities of Color

In alignment with the latest scientific research, we aspire to serve communities of color by providing modified lifestyle protocols tailored to their unique needs.
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Support for Primary Care Physicians

We facilitate information sharing with primary care physicians when our clients choose to share their health data, thus promoting a collaborative approach to healthcare.
We are dedicated to empowering each of our users in their pursuit of a healthier brain and an improved quality of life