The Science Behind MyHealthierBrain
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The seminal study that started it all

The Finnish Geriatric Intervention Study to Prevent Cognitive Impairment and Disability (FINGER)

The Finnish Geriatric Intervention Study to Prevent Cognitive Impairment and Disability, often referred to as the FINGER study, has been a major catalyst in our understanding of cognitive health and aging. This ground-breaking research, conducted in Finland between 2011 and 2013, has demonstrated the powerful potential of comprehensive lifestyle changes in mitigating cognitive decline. Over the course of two years, the randomized double-blind controlled FINGER study engaged 1,260 participants aged between 60-77. Each participant was identified as at-risk for cognitive disorders, although none held a clinical diagnosis of dementia at the beginning of the study. The study's objective was to discern whether a coordinated intervention program involving diet, exercise, cognitive training, and vascular risk monitoring could assist older adults in maintaining or improving their cognitive capabilities.
The FINGER study had remarkable results including:

25% improvement in Cognition

Participants experienced a 25% improvement in overall cognition, underscoring the vital role of healthy lifestyle habits in maintaining cognitive health.

150% increase in Mental Agility

They showed a dramatic 150% increase in processing speed, suggesting the protocol could boost mental agility.

83% increase in Executive Function

An 83% increase in executive function was observed, signifying an improvement in vital skills like problem-solving, planning, and organization.

40% improvement in Memory Health

The participants' ability to perform complex memory tasks improved by 40%, emphasizing the potential of lifestyle modifications in enhancing memory health.

60% reduction in other Chronic Diseases

The intervention protocol led to a 60% reduction in the incidence of other chronic diseases among the participants, underlining the holistic health benefits of these lifestyle changes.
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It is here where MyHealthierBrain comes into play. MyHealthierBrain app and coaching service are specifically designed to help users adopt and adhere to the FINGER protocol. Bolstered by scientific evidence, this protocol highlights lifestyle modifications that have been shown to potentially reduce the risk ofAlzheimer's and related dementias by up to 40%.

We will soon launch a practical, user-friendly platform to help individuals integrate these beneficial lifestyle changes into their daily lives, assisting in the journey towards improved cognitive health.

We will offer guided, evidence-based tools and resources, along with premium personalized coaching, to promote diet modifications, increase physical activity, stimulate cognitive training, healthy sleep habits, social activities, and managing general health risk factors.

Our services are designed with the goal of making these comprehensive lifestyle changes both achievable and sustainable, mirroring the successful aspects of the FINGER study and additional validated scientific studies.

In essence, MyHealthierBrain will act as a digital partner, helping users translate the promising results of the FINGER study into real-life practices for cognitive wellness and overall health improvement.
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The Six-Pillar Protocol
MyHealthierBrain's solution is grounded in scientifically validated principles, the six-pillar lifestyle protocol, each component deliberately structured to promote cognitive health based on empirical research that has been peer-reviewed and published. 

We will offer guided, evidence-based tools and resources, along with premium personalized coaching, to promote a modified Mediterranean diet, daily exercise, regular sleep and mindfulness, brain games, engaging social activities, and overall health hygiene.
MyHealhierBrain App Diet


The first pillar advocates for adherence to the MIND diet, a dietary regimen drawn from comprehensive nutritional research. This diet, a modification of the Mediterranean diet, has been scientifically validated for its capacity to boost brain function and slow cognitive decline.
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The second pillar underscores the scientific consensus around the benefits of regular physical activity for brain health. Advocating for at least 45 minutes of exercise per day, MyHealthierBrain echoes the empirical findings that link physical fitness to improved cognitive function and reduced risk of neurodegenerative disorders. Includes resistance and balance training for older adults.
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Sleep & Mindfulness

The third pillar draws on a vast body of research pointing to the significance of quality sleep and mindfulness practices in maintaining cognitive health. Striving for 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night and regular mindfulness practices can enhance mental clarity and resilience, as evidenced by numerous scientific studies.
MyHealhierBrain App Cognition Training

Cognitive Training

The fourth pillar pushes for activities backed by research to maintain and improve mental agility. Crossword puzzles, sudoku, card games, reading and other cognitively demanding activities are encouraged, mirroring studies that show these practices bolster mental acuity and slow cognitive decline.
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Social Interactions

The fifth pillar is based on scientific findings that highlight the importance of social engagement for cognitive health. Regular social interaction is linked to cognitive resilience, reduced depression, and overall mental well-being.
MyHealhierBrain App Health Hygiene

Health Hygiene

The sixth and final pillar emphasizes the management of overall health. Regular monitoring and management of conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or elevated A1C levels are integral, aligning with scientific research that underscores their connection to cognitive health.
At MyHealthierBrain, our goal is to transform scientifically-validated principles into practical daily actions for our users. Our all-encompassing lifestyle protocol, combined with premium coaching services, will guide users to embrace this evidence-backed approach, paving the way for enhanced cognitive health and reduced risk.